Swindon P.S.F.A Swindon Primary Schools Football Association

Fixtures and Results 2018-19


updated 28-04-19 (click on the score to read the match report)
September 2018
January 2019
 no fixture or event
 Newbury (A) CL drew 1:1
 Football-Golf (p.m.)
 Wokingham (H) SCL lost 0:1
 Afan Nedd (H) AWC lost 1:3
 Woking (A) CL lost 3:2
 Portsmouth (A) SCL won 2:10
 Plymouth (H) CL  lost 1:4
 Newport (A) AWC  lost 6:4
February 2019
October 2018
 Caerphilly (H) AWC lost 1:5
 St. Albans (A) SCL&CL won 0:3
 Wycombe (A) SC R1 lost 6:2
 Sutton (A) SCL won 2:3
 no fixture or event
 Chiltern & S.B. (A) SCL won 1:2
 27th  no fixture or event March 2019
November 2018
 Stevenage (A) SCL lost 4:1
 Woking (H) SCL&CL won 7:2
 9th  Gloucester (H) CL lost 0:4
 Newbury (H) SCL&CL won 2:0
 Caerphilly (A) AWC won 2:4
 Fundraising bag-pack
 St. Albans (H) CL  won 4:0
 Gloucester (A) SCC R2 lost 7:3  30th  Dacorum (H) SCL lost 3:4
December 2018
 April 2019
 Wycombe (A) SCL lost 8:0
 Plymouth (A) CL lost 5:1
 Newport (H) AWC lost 1:3
 Easter Holidays - no fixture
 Afan Nedd (A) AWC lost 3:1
 Easter Holidays - no fixture  
 Christmas Five a-side 
 Gloucester (A) SCL&CL lost 2:0
 Christmas Holidays - no fixture
May 2019
 AWC Final @ Swindon
 CL=Cotswold League                  SCL=Southern Counties League
 10th May (Friday)
 Presentation & Awards Evening 
 SC=Shires Cup                              SCC=Southern Counties Cup  18th   Swindon P.S.F.A. Finals Day
 RF=Representative Friendly        AWC=Anglo-Welsh Cup  25th  no fixture or event


Swindon P.S.F.A. 2018-19 representative squad goalscorers 
name of player number of goals scored
Harry S. 16 
Liam C. 12 
Josh I.
Cheldon V.
Billy W.
Ianis B.
Sonny L.