Swindon P.S.F.A Swindon Primary Schools Football Association


Last update 22-05-19

All the latest results from all the Swindon P.S.F.A. competitions will appear below !

Primary Schools' Cup Round 1

St. Sampson's C.E. H/W King William Street C.E.

Orchid Vale 4:2 Mountford Manor

Chiseldon 0:1 Tadpole Farm C.E.

Lethbridge 0:1 St. Leonard's C.E.

Nythe A/W Lawn

Noremarsh 4:6 Goddard Park

Lydiard Millicent C.E. 0:7 St. Catherine's R.C.

Even Swindon 1:2 Shaw Ridge

Rodbourne Cheney 2:5 Millbrook

Catherine Wayte 4:2 St. Mary's R.C.

St. Francis' C.E. H/W Swindon Academy

Wanborough 3:1 Ruskin

East Wichel 2:0 Liden

Holy Family R.C. A/W Westlea

Lyneham A/W Seven Fields

Brook Field H/W Robert le Kyng

Greenmeadow 1:5 Peatmoor

Ferndale 2:6 Red Oaks

Abbey Meads 3:1 Moredon

Holy Rood R.C. H/W Oliver Tomkins C.E.

Covingham Park 4:2 Tregoze

Colebrook 0:0 Lainesmead (Lainesmead win 1:0 on penalties a.e.t)

Primary Schools' Cup Round 2

St. Sampson's C.E. 1:7 Westlea

Eldene 4:3 Drove

Holy Rood R.C. 1:4 Covingham Park

Brook Field 1:5 St. Catherine's R.C.

Hazelwood 2:1 Lainesmead

Wroughton A/W St. Francis' C.E.

Millbrook 3:2 Gorse Hill

St. Leonard's C.E. 1:2 Shaw Ridge

St. Mary's C.E. 6:1 Red Oaks

Catherine Wayte 1:2 Goddard Park

Abbey Meads 2:2 Grange (Grange win 3:2 in extra-time)

Orchid Vale 1:5 Lawn

Peatmoor 1:2 Wanborough

Tadpole Farm C.E. 1:5 East Wichel

Westrop 1:7 Lyneham

Oakhurst 9:0 Haydon Wick

Primary Schools' Cup Round 3

Shaw Ridge 9:0 Eldene

Goddard Park 5:3 Lyneham

Grange 1:1 Oakhurst (Oakhurst win 3:2 on penalties)

Covingham Park 4:2 St. Mary's C.E.

Westlea 0:5 St. Francis' C.E.

East Wichel 0:5 St. Catherine's R.C.

Lawn 1:0 Hazelwood

Millbrook 0:5 Wanborough

Primary Schools' Cup Round 4 (Quarter Finals)

Goddard Park 3:2 St. Francis' C.E.

Covingham Park 4:0 Wanborough

St. Catherine's R.C. 5:2 Shaw Ridge

Lawn 1:1 Oakhurst (Oakhurst win 2:0 on penalties)

Primary Schools' Cup Semi-Finals

Covingham Park 5:3 Oakhurst

Goddard Park 4:3 St. Catherine's R.C.

Primary Schools' Cup Final

Covingham Park 1:1 Goddard Park (Goddard Park win 3:2 on penalties a.e.t)

Primary Schools' Plate Round 1

Even Swindon 1:0 Oliver Tomkins C.E.

Moredon A/W Lydiard Millicent C.E.

Ferndale H/W Holy Family R.C.

Noremarsh A/W Liden

Robert le Kyng 3:3 King William Street C.E. (King William Street C.E. won 5:4 on penalties a.e.t.)

Primary Schools' Plate Round 2

Ruskin 9:0 Lydiard Millicent C.E.

Ferndale 4:2 Mountford Manor

King William Street C.E. 2:1 Rodbourne Cheney

St. Mary's R.C. H/W Colebrook

Chiseldon A/W Tregoze

Liden 7:2 Seven Fields

Even Swindon 4:1 Swindon Academy

Greenmeadow 0:3 Lethbridge

Primary Schools' Plate Round 3 (Quarter Finals)

St. Mary's R.C. 1:3 Lethbridge

Even Swindon 5:1 Liden

Ferndale 2:1 King William Street C.E.

Ruskin 5:1 Tregoze

Primary Schools' Plate Semi-Finals

Even Swindon 3:0 Lethbridge

Ferndale 2:5 Ruskin

Primary Schools' Plate Final

Even Swindon 1:3 Ruskin

Primary Schools' Shield Round 1

Brook Field 9:0 Catherine Wayte

Peatmoor 2:0 Lainesmead

St. Leonard's C.E. 3:2 Holy Rood R.C.

Red Oaks 6:4 St. Sampson's C.E.

Haydon Wick 1:7 Westrop

Wroughton 9:0 Tadpole Farm C.E.

Abbey Meads 5:0 Drove

Orchid Vale A/W Gorse Hill

Primary Schools' Shield Round 2 (Quarter Finals)

Brook Field 2:4 St. Leonard's C.E.

Abbey Meads 3:1 Gorse Hill (a.e.t.)

Red Oaks 3:4 Wroughton

Peatmoor 2:2 Westrop (Peatmoor win 5:4 on penalties a.e.t.)

Primary Schools' Shield Semi-Finals

Abbey Meads 5:0 Wroughton

Peatmoor 1:2 St. Leonard's C.E. 

Primary Schools' Shield Final

Abbey Meads 1:0 St. Leonard's C.E.

Primary Schools' (Girls') Cup Group A

Robert le Kyng 2:6 Ruskin

Abbey Meads 1:0 Robert le Kyng

Ruskin 0:3 Abbey Meads

Ruskin 0:4 Tregoze

Abbey Meads 7:0 East Wichel

East Wichel A/W Tregoze

Tregoze 6:3 Abbey Meads

Robert le Kyng 4:1 East Wichel

East Wichel A/W Ruskin

Tregoze 3:1 Robert le Kyng

Primary Schools' (Girls') Cup Group B 

Shaw Ridge 9:0 St. Francis' C.E.

Lawn 0:3 Shaw Ridge

St. Francis' C.E. 1:3 Covingham Park

Covingham Park H/W Ferndale

Covingham Park H/W Lawn

Shaw Ridge 3:0 Covingham Park

Ferndale A/W St. Francis' C.E.

Lawn H/W Ferndale

Ferndale A/W Shaw Ridge

St. Francis' C.E. A/W Lawn

Primary Schools' (Girls') Cup Group C

Goddard Park 1:3 St. Sampson's C.E.

Brook Field 2:1 Goddard Park

St. Sampson's C.E. 4:3 Swindon Academy

Drove 2:5 Swindon Academy

Goddard Park 2:3 Drove

Swindon Academy 4:2 Brook Field

Brook Field 3:2 Drove

St. Sampson's C.E. 2:1 Brook Field

Drove 1:5 St. Sampson's C.E.

Swindon Academy 0:1 Goddard Park

Primary Schools' (Girls') Cup Group D

Chiseldon 1:5 Colebrook

Even Swindon H/W Noremarsh

Chiseldon H/W Even Swindon

Noremarsh A/W Oakhurst

Noremarsh A/W Chiseldon

Colebrook H/W Oakhurst

Oakhurst A/W Chiseldon

Even Swindon 2:5 Colebrook

Colebrook H/W Noremarsh

Oakhurst A/W Even Swindon

Primary Schools' (Girls' Cup) Quarter-Finals

Colebrook 1:6 Covingham Park

St. Sampson's C.E 1:7 Abbey Meads

Tregoze 9:1 Swindon Academy

Shaw Ridge H/W Chiseldon

Primary Schools' (Girls' Cup) Semi-Finals

Abbey Meads 1:0 Covingham Park (a.e.t)

Shaw Ridge 1:1 Tregoze (a.e.t. Tregoze win 2:1 on penalties)

Primary Schools' (Girls' Cup) Final

Abbey Meads 0:2 Tregoze

E.S.F.A. Danone Nations u-11 7 a-side Schools Cup for School Teams (Area heats)

Abbey Meads 0:1 Covingham Park

East Wichel 0:8 St. Francis’ C.E.

St. Francis’ C.E. 0:2 Millbrook

Abbey Meads 2:0 East Wichel

Millbrook 0:2 Abbey Meads

East Wichel 0:4 Covingham Park

Millbrook 1:0 East Wichel

St. Francis’ C.E. 2:5 Covingham Park

Covingham Park 1:0 Millbrook

Abbey Meads 3:2 St. Francis’s C.E.  Covingham Park qualify for Area Final

Drove 0:4 Holy Family R.C.

Noremarsh 0:2 Shaw Ridge

Drove 1:1 Noremarsh

Holy Family R.C. 1:1 Shaw Ridge

Drove 0:4 Shaw Ridge

Holy Family R.C. 1:0 Noremarsh Shaw Ridge qualify for Area Final

Catherine Wayte 0:1 Ferndale

Goddard Park 0:1 Oakhurst

Catherine Wayte 0:1 St. Leonard’s C.E.

Ferndale 1:4 Goddard Park

Oakhurst 0:1 St. Leonard’s C.E.

Catherine Wayte 0:3 Goddard Park

Catherine Wayte 1:2 Oakhurst

Ferndale 0:1 St. Leonard’s C.E.

Goddard Park 0:1 St. Leonard’s C.E.

Ferndale 0:1 Oakhurst St. Leonard's C.E. qualify for Area Final

Even Swindon 3:1 Gorse Hill

Tregoze 0:3 Lawn

Lawn 0:3 Even Swindon

Lawn 0:2 Grange

Gorse Hill 2:1 Lawn

Grange 2:0 Tregoze

Even Swindon 0:0 Grange

Grange 2:1 Gorse Hill

Tregoze 1:2 Gorse Hill

Even Swindon 1:1 Tregoze Grange qualify for Area Final

Brook Field 3:0 Robert le Kyng

Robert le Kyng 0:5 Ruskin

Brook Field 7:2 Ruskin

Robert le Kyng 0:3 Wanborough

Brook Field 1:3 Wanborough

Ruskin 1:4 Wanborough

Brook Field 2:2 Westlea

Ruskin 0:1 Westlea 

Robert le Kyng 0:3 Westlea

Wanborough 3:1 Westlea Wanborough qualify for Area Final

E.S.F.A. Danone Nations u-11 7 a-side Small Schools Soccer Sevens (Area Final)

Bishopstone C.E. 1:4 Chiseldon

Bishopstone C.E. 2:1 Chiseldon (Chiseldon win 5:3 on aggregate)

Chiseldon 1:1 Nythe

Chiseldon 4:3 Nythe (Chiseldon win 5:4 on aggregate)

Bishopstone C.E. 4:0 Nythe

Bishopstone C.E. 1:2 Nythe (Bishopstone C.E. win 5:2 on aggregate)

Chiseldon and Bishopstone C.E. qualify for County Finals

E.S.F.A. Danone Nations u-11 7 a-side Schools Cup for Girls (Area heats)

Brook Field 0:2 Covingham Park

Drove 1:2 Robert le Kyng

Covingham Park 4:0 Drove

Brook Field 3:0 Robert le Kyng

Brook Field 4:0 Drove

Covingham Park 0:0 Robert le Kyng

Chiseldon 0:1 Even Swindon

Goddard Park 0:2 Shaw Ridge

Even Swindon 0:2 Goddard Park

Chiseldon 0:3 Shaw Ridge

Chiseldon 0:1 Goddard Park

Even Swindon 0:3 Shaw Ridge

Brook Field 0:1 Shaw Ridge (semi-final: Shaw Ridge qualify for County Finals)

Covingham Park 1:0 Goddard Park (semi-final: Covingham Park qualify for County Finals)

E.S.F.A. Danone Nations u-11 Schools' Cup for School Teams (Area Final)

Covingham Park 0:2 Grange

Shaw Ridge 0:0 Wanborough

Wanborough 1:0 St. Leonard's C.E.

Covingham Park 0:1 Shaw Ridge

St. Leonard's C.E. 1:2 Covingham Park

Shaw Ridge 1:0 Grange

St. Leonard's C.E 0:4 Shaw Ridge

Wanborough 0:1 Grange

Grange 1:1 St. Leonard's C.E.

Covingham Park 0:0 Wanborough (Shaw Ridge and Grange qualify for County Finals)

North League 

Westrop 2:2 Catherine Wayte

St. Leonard's C.E. 0:4 Oakhurst

Peatmoor 4:4 St. Francis' C.E.

Orchid Vale 5:0 Tadpole Farm C.E. 

Red Oaks 3:5 St. Francis' C.E.

St. Leonard's C.E. 1:3 Abbey Meads

Catherine Wayte 1:6 Peatmoor

Westrop 1:8 Oakhurst

Catherine Wayte 2:8 Oakhurst

Catherine Wayte 7:4 Tadpole Farm C.E.

Red Oaks 1:7 Abbey Meads

Haydonleigh 4:4 St. Leonard's C.E.

Catherine Wayte 3:1 Haydonleigh

Red Oaks 4:0 St. Leonard's C.E.

Abbey Meads 1:0 Peatmoor

St. Francis' C.E. 9:0 Tadpole Farm C.E.

Westrop 9:0 Orchid Vale

Tadpole Farm C.E. 0:7 Abbey Meads

St. Leonard's C.E. 6:5 St. Francis' C.E.

Orchid Vale 2:3 Catherine Wayte

Haydonleigh 2:4 Westrop

Haydonleigh 5:2 Tadpole Farm C.E.

Red Oaks 8:2 Orchid Vale

Red Oaks 9:0 Catherine Wayte

Tadpole Farm C.E. 1:8 Peatmoor

Abbey Meads 8:1 Orchid Vale

St. Francis' C.E. 2:4 Westrop

Abbey Meads 2:0 Haydonleigh

Red Oaks 3:1 Peatmoor

Abbey Meads 4:1 Catherine Wayte

Oakhurst 6:0 Peatmoor

St. Francis' C.E. 7:1 Orchid Vale

Catherine Wayte 3:8 St. Francis' C.E.

Abbey Meads 0:1 Westrop

St. Leonard's C.E. 5:1 Tadpole Farm C.E.

Oakhurst 4:0 Abbey Meads

Tadpole Farm C.E. 0:2 Red Oaks

St. Leonard's C.E. 1:1 Catherine Wayte

Peatmoor 1:1 Haydonleigh

Orchid Vale 0:6 Haydonleigh

Peatmoor 4:1 St. Leonard's C.E.

Westrop 3:4 Red Oaks

Oakhurst 9:2 St. Francis' C.E.

Westrop 6:1 Tadpole Farm C.E.

St. Francis' C.E. 0:5 Abbey Meads

Tadpole Farm C.E. 0:8 Oakhurst

Oakhurst 2:2 Red Oaks

South League

Holy Rood R.C. 2:1 Mountford Manor

Lawn 4:0 King William Street C.E.

Drove 3:6 Wroughton

Lethbridge 6:0 Lainesmead

East Wichel 1:10 Wanborough

Mountford Manor 3:0 Chiseldon

Lethbridge 2:1 Lawn

Wanborough 9:0 King William Street C.E.

East Wichel 0:1 Mountford Manor

King William Street C.E. 2:7 Wroughton

Mountford Manor 0:6 Lawn

Chiseldon 1:0 Lainesmead

Lainesmead 0:3 King William Street C.E.

Drove 0:8 Mountford Manor

Mountford Manor 3:3 King William Street C.E.

Chiseldon 0:9 Wanborough

Lawn 4:5 Holy Rood R.C.

Lethbridge 3:4 Holy Rood R.C.

Wroughton 0:4 Lethbridge

Holy Rood R.C. 6:1 East Wichel

King William Street C.E. 6:2 Chiseldon

Lethbridge 9:0 King William Street C.E.

Holy Rood R.C. 9:1 Drove

Mountford Manor 2:4 Lethbridge

East Wichel 3:1 Chiseldon

Lainesmead 4:2 East Wichel

Drove 0:7 Wanborough

Wroughton 4:4 Holy Rood R.C.

King William Street C.E. 3:1 East Wichel

Lainesmead 1:5 Holy Rood R.C.

Wroughton 2:2 Mountford Manor

East Wichel 0:3 Wroughton

Drove 1:0 Chiseldon

Lawn 5:0 Drove

Lethbridge 7:0 Drove

Chiseldon 2:7 Lethbridge

Wroughton 1:5 Wanborough

Wanborough 1:0 Lethbridge

Wanborough 4:1 Mountford Manor

Wanborough 1:2 Lawn

Holy Rood R.C. 1:4 Wanborough

Wroughton 2:4 Lawn

Holy Rood R.C. 7:0 Chiseldon

East League 

Ruskin 1:3 St. Catherine's R.C. 

Grange 6:2 Holy Family R.C.

Colebrook 0:3 Covingham Park

Eldene 1:7 Ruskin

Holy Family R.C. 2:2 Colebrook

Nythe 0:9 Grange

St. Catherine's R.C. 4:1 Covingham Park

Liden 1:2 Goddard Park

Eldene 1:3 Colebrook

Goddard Park 2:4 Covingham Park

Grange 1:4 St. Catherine's R.C.

St. Catherine's R.C. 5:1 Eldene

Holy Family R.C. 3:7 Goddard Park

Eldene 0:7 Covingham Park

Ruskin 2:0 Grange

Goddard Park 7:1 Colebrook

Holy Family R.C. 0:7 Ruskin

Liden 0:9 Covingham Park

Grange 10:2 Eldene

Covingham Park 2:0 Ruskin

Liden 2:1 Eldene

Goddard Park 0:1 Ruskin

Eldene 2:5 Holy Family R.C.

Covingham Park 1:3 Grange

St. Catherine's R.C. 6:2 Holy Family R.C.

Colebrook 0:3 Grange

Covingham Park 1:0 Holy Family R.C.

Holy Family R.C. 3:0 Liden

Grange 1:0 Goddard Park

Liden 1:10 Grange

St. Catherine's R.C. 8:1 Goddard Park

Covingham Park 4:0 Ruskin (East League runners-up play-off match 1)

Grange 3:0 Ruskin (East League runners-up play-off match 2)

Covingham Park 2:0 Grange (East League runners-up play-off match 3)

West League

Shaw Ridge 1:1 Noremarsh

Oliver Tomkins C.E. 2:7 Millbrook

Lyneham 3:1 St. Mary's C.E.

Tregoze 9:1 Lydiard Millicent C.E.

Brook Field 3:8 St. Mary's C.E.

Tregoze 1:3 Millbrook

Noremarsh 4:4 Hazelwood

Shaw Ridge 2:0 Lyneham

Lydiard Millicent C.E. 0:9 St. Mary's C.E.

Millbrook 2:6 Noremarsh

Brook Field 3:1 Oliver Tomkins C.E.

Tregoze 3:2 Hazelwood

Noremarsh 2:6 Brook Field

Millbrook 9:0 Westlea

Tregoze 0:4 Shaw Ridge

Millbrook 2:6 Shaw Ridge

Shaw Ridge 3:1 Oliver Tomkins C.E.

St. Mary's C.E. 0:0 Shaw Ridge

St. Mary's C.E. 4:1 Millbrook

St. Mary's C.E. 9:0 Oliver Tomkins C.E.

Brook Field 6:2 Millbrook

Noremarsh 2:2 Tregoze

Shaw Ridge 5:1 Westlea

Oliver Tomkins C.E. 0:3 Hazelwood

Oliver Tomkins C.E. 1:6 Noremarsh

Lydiard Millicent C.E. 0:9 Brook Field

Hazelwood 0:2 Lyneham

Hazelwood 0:3 Brook Field

Westlea 1:7 St. Mary's C.E.

Oliver Tomkins C.E. 1:2 Westlea

Hazelwood 0:3 Millbrook

Brook Field 5:0 Westlea

Noremarsh 0:2 Lyneham

Millbrook 9:0 Lydiard Millicent C.E.

Westlea 8:1 Lydiard Millicent C.E.

Lydiard Millicent C.E. 1:10 Hazelwood

Westlea 2:4 Hazelwood

Westllea 5:0 Noremarsh

Brook Field 1:0 Shaw

Noremarsh 1:5 St. Mary's C.E.

Millbrook 3:3 Lyneham

Tregoze 1:2 Westlea

Hazelwood 0:4 Shaw Ridge

Tregoze 0:6 Brook Field

Lydiard Millicent C.E. 1:10 Shaw Ridge

Lyneham 5:2 Oliver Tomkins C.E.

Lyneham 4:1 Westlea

Tregoze 2:3 Oliver Tomkins C.E.

Hazelwood 1:8 St. Mary's C.E.

Lyneham 0:7 Brook Field

Central League

Robert le Kyng 4:4 Haydon Wick

Moredon 2:0 Rodbourne Cheney

Even Swindon 6:0 Seven Fields

Rodbourne Cheney 1:3 Robert le Kyng

Robert le Kyng 0:0 Even Swindon

Haydon Wick 2:6 Moredon

Greenmeadow 6:2 Rodbourne Cheney

Greenmeadow 1:2 Swindon Academy

Gorse Hill 1:3 St. Mary's R.C.

Even Swindon 0:2 Moredon

Robert le Kyng 2:1 Greenmeadow

Swindon Academy 3:1 Seven Fields

Moredon 3:1 St. Mary's R.C.

Haydon Wick 0:9 Even Swindon

Gorse Hill 3:5 Even Swindon

Ferndale 4:6 Swindon Academy

Swindon Academy 8:0 Haydon Wick

Robert le Kyng 1:6 Moredon

Robert le Kyng 2:1 Ferndale

Even Swindon 3:2 Swindon Academy

Ferndale 1:3 Greenmeadow

Swindon Academy 2:2 Robert le Kyng

Even Swindon 2:0 Greenmeadow

St. Mary's R.C. 10:0 Haydon Wick

Gorse Hill 1:3 Greenmeadow

Gorse Hill 2:3 Swindon Academy

Greenmeadow 3:9 Moredon

Swindon Academy 5:1 Rodbourne Cheney

Moredon 3:0 Swindon Academy

Robert le Kyng 0:6 Gorse Hill

Moredon 1:2 Gorse Hill

Rodbourne Cheney 0:3 Even Swindon