Swindon P.S.F.A Swindon Primary Schools Football Association

Indoor Five a-side festivals

last update: 10-01-23

Our annual festivals for the younger Key Stage 2 pupils and for Year 5 & 6 girls will be held at The Swindome, Webbswood Stadium, on eight separate dates during January and February.

The tables below show the date(s) each school has been asked to attend.

We have booked three pitches at the venue on each date from 1.00 to 3.00 p.m. 

The festivals for Year 3 & 4 aged pupils take place on Wednesday 11th, 18th and 25th January plus the 1st February.

The festivals for Year 5 & 6 girls only take place on Friday 13th, 20th, 27th January and the 3rd February

Fifty-two teams from thirty-two schools have confirmed they wish to participate. 

Further details been sent out to schools, if your school has not received this please get in touch with me at the usual email address.

11/01/23 (Yr 3 & 4) 18/01/23 (Yr 3 & 4) 25/01/23 (Yr 3 & 4) 01/02/23 (Yr 3 & 4)
 Brook Field  Abbey Meads  Even Swindon  Liden
 Colebrook  East Wichel  Lawn  Nythe
 Ferndale  Holy Rood R.C.  Peatmoor  Robert le Kyng
 Oakhurst  Rodbourne Cheney  Seven Fields  St. Catherine's R.C.
 Orchid Vale  Ruskin  St. Francis' C.E.  Swindon Academy
 St. Mary's R.C.  Tadpole Farm C.E  Tregoze  Westrop
13/01/23 (Yr 5 & 6 girls) 20/01/23 (Yr 5 & 6 girls) 27/01/23 (Yr 5 & 6 girls)  03/02/23 (Yr 5 & 6 girls)
 Brook Field  Abbey Meads  Drove  East Wichel
 Colebrook  Covingham Park  Liden  Even Swindon
 Ferndale  Holy Rood R.C.  Millbrook  Mountford Manor
 Oakhurst  Rodbourne Cheney  Ruskin  Orchid Vale
 St. Francis' C.E.  Seven Fields  Shaw Ridge  Peatmoor
 Tadpole Farm C.E.  Swindon Academy  Southfield  Robert le Kyng
 Westlea  Tadpole Farm C.E.  South Marston C.E.  Tregoze